About me

Ole Ronald Aronsen, Managing Director, EHC International and MD/MFO and Helicopter Consultant

Professional backround – short summary:

West African Helicopters Ltd. (prev. Gulfwing Ltd.) Ghana, Accountable Mangaer, Operations Director. GulfwingLtd. – Ghana, engaged in restarting the company through NHC (2003)  Flyworld Ltd. – Cyprus. Est. helicopter xompany with local partner. EHC-fixed wing dep. – two Cessna citation business jets (est.1997) Torp Hangar AS – airport real estate Norway, built 5000 sq. m. aircraft hangar (1997). 

Started two own companies: European Helicopter Center AS (www.ehc.no) and Norwegian Helicopter Consultants, dealer for Robinson Helicopter Co. (1993-2008). Greenland AirLtd. Pilot/captain, flying heavy turbine helicopters on rescue, ambulance,polar expeditions and various transportassignments (1992-93)

Started own company : Skylift AS, Pilot School/helicopter company (1984-91) Helicopter Service AS (1978-84), Inland, Air Ambulance, Offshore Oil Support, Lufttransport AS, Helicopter pilot (1973-77). Base Manger at Spitsbergen, Artic (75/76) Norwegian merchant marine, seaman – 2. officer engine (1965-69)

Some previous education:

  • Several Aviation Operational and leadership Courses.
  • Several Helicopter Type Rating Courses.
  • robinson Helicopter Co, USA, (1994) Instructor Safety Course.
  • Flight Safety, (1980) Instrumnt Training. 
  • Niagara Helicopters, Canda, (1971) Helicopter CPL.
  • Norwgian School of Aviation, (!969-71) Aircraft CPL.
  • Sandefjord Polytechnic School – Ships engine engineering. (196-69)
  • Merchant marine engineers school, 2.nd officer (1967-68)
  • Primary education in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Other experience:

Total flying time (2011): More than 15.000 Hours (PIC- pilot in Command of which 5.000as Flight Instructor-FI).

Type ratings on helicopters:

  • Bell types : 47-205-206-206L-214-222
  • Sikorsky: S 61 Sea King (heavy offshore helicopter)
  • Hughes: 300/500
  • Eurocopter: AS 350 B1/BA/B2 Ecureuil – AS 355 F1/N Twin ecureuil
  • Robinson: R 22 & R 44
  • Holds type ratings on serveral fixed wing aircraft.

Pilot Licenses:

EASA/JAA- Commercial pilots License helicopter & aircraft – CPL-H/A

US instrument rating – IR-H (helicopter)

Flight instructor rating, helicopter & aircraft – FI-H/A

Contact info

  • post@ehc-international.no
  • Tlf: +47 92636700
  • Tlf +233 440 779 96

About me

Ole Ronald Aronsen, Managing Director, EHC International and MD/MFO and Helicopter Consultant

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